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Resolving Fear of Abandonment
by Lucy Jordan

A regression therapy case study fury.


About the Client

Mai was 28 and had no previous therapy. She had been experiencing spontaneous crying since childhood and had crippling thoughts of losing everything and being left by herself and the fear of destitution.


What Happened

Mai regressed into a past life of being burnt at the stake for being outspoken about her spiritual beliefs. It was painful for her to experience the crowd who abandoned her to her fate. It turned out she had been betrayed to the authorities by her sister who she recognised as her sister in current life, and she also recognised her past life father as her current life father. The past life memories were transformed including body therapy to heal lungs and skin and free up hands.

She was asked to go to the first time in her current life that had the same pattern as the past life. There was much sobbing as she regressed to being a foetus in her mother’s womb. She could feel the fear of having a baby by her, which paralysed her with the thought "What am I going to do if they’re already scared of me coming here?". Inner child therapy was used to allow little Mai to have an intuitive dialogue with her mother and understand the reason for her mother’s fear. It turned out her mother was feeling afraid to lose her husband and become destitute herself. Understanding this allowed Mai to send love and forgiveness to her mother.


Next was to help Mai understand why her current life sister needed to make her life so difficult. Through the intuitive dialogue she found out that her sister felt their mother had picked Mai all the time as her favourite. Mai’s sister had also picked up the parental fears and as a result kept sabotaging herself. Mai’s spirit guide gave her helpful advice of, “Move on and live life, accept everything that is happening to you, it’s their path so don’t take it personally.” 


Change of Symptoms

Mai said a few weeks after therapy, “It's pretty incredible what you can reach in yourself by doing this kind of therapy. It feels like it has been erased, like the problem/situation doesn't exist anymore. I can't really connect with it either. It's cleaned up and released.” 

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