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Explore a range of training programs and workshops in past life and regression therapy offered by the Past Life Regression Academy® and SRTA members. Enhance your skills and knowledge in this field through professional training and workshops offered by SRTA members.

Past Life and Regression Therapy Training

The training program offers past life and regression therapy training in various time zones, aiming to equip students to become professional therapists capable of addressing diverse issues for soul evolution. This training is provided by the Past Life Regression Academy® following the methodology of Andy Tomlinson.

Regression Therapy Advanced Training

Advanced training workshops including between lives regression, advanced hypnosis, energy clearance, pioneering new consciousness and train the trainer. The training is open to regression therapist members of the SRTA and also other established therapists.

Workshops facilitated by SRTA members

Discover opportunities to enhance your skills and knowledge through workshops led by SRTA members, providing valuable learning experiences and knowledge-sharing opportunities within the professional community.

About the Past Life Regression Academy®


Works to the standards of the
International Board for Regression Therapy.


Validated by the General Hypnosis
Standards Council.


A recognised school program with the Earth Association for Regression Therapy.


The recognised school of the Spiritual
Regression Therapy Association.


An active supporter of the Society for Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy.


Graduates will be eligible to register with the Complementary and Natural
Healthcare Council.

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