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Resolving Fury
By Lucy Jordan

A regression therapy case study fury.


About the Client

Arthur has had a number of emotional challenges during his life. Shortly after his divorce, his ex-wife has confessed that Arthur was not the father of their daughter and then she committed suicide. Everyone blamed Arthur for the suicide. After this, he created a successful restaurant in Paris, his brothers joined him but eventually there was a huge fight and Arthur was thrown out. Feeling deeply hurt by his mother taking their side Arthur stopped talking to her for fifteen years up until her death. Earlier in life, Arthur’s best friend died in a car accident when he was 18 years and later another friend was murdered.
Although he had psychotherapy to work on some of his issues, Arthur still had troubling thoughts that triggered extreme fury most days, and the recent covid restrictions only served to exacerbate this. He had thoughts of being trapped and a despair that life just was passing by without him achieving anything.


What Happened

It turned out that he was experiencing his first human incarnation from a different realm of existence, so normal past life regression on Earth was not possible. However, it appeared his soul came to experience the limitation of life in a physical and emotional human body on Earth. So, the remainder of the session, and three subsequent ones were used to explore his unresolved current life challenges connected with his emotion of fury. A pattern of reoccurring fury was found as well as the experiences of loss; losing friends, familial relationships and his business. Included was the experience of a severe car accident that hospitalised him for 3 weeks and the death of his grandmother when he was a child. Trapped emotions from these memories were released with a lot of crying and emotional catharsis. The memories were transformed by having transpersonal discussions with those involved while in hypnotic trance to gain deeper insights and to come to a place of understanding and forgiveness. 


Change of Symptoms

After the sessions his emotion of fury was completely resolved. This is what he said about the experience, "I can't say I expected anything when I started this past life hypnotherapy. In fact, I was trained as a psychologist, with a scientific, Freudian background, and I didn't believe in these parallel techniques at all. But thanks to Lucy Jordan's talent and strength, I was rid of the asthma that had been burning me and preventing me from breathing properly for decades. I managed to put words to traumas from my early childhood, I no longer have this anger and disgust with life that tortured me until now. I have also seen things about my future that I never imagined I would. Frankly, I still find it difficult to believe in everything that happened during those hypnotherapy sessions, with all those entities that were torturing and parasitising me, but for me, it is now a fact. Now I can breathe, live normally. I see my life differently."

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