Damjan Gregorič
Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist
Location- Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Telephone: 0038640706921 

Website: www.regresija-hipnoza.si 


My name is Damjan Gregorič. I am the founder of the Center for the development of the potential of the soul, mind and body. I am a certified therapist of hypnosis, regression in previous life, current life regression and life expectancy by Andy Tomlinson PLRA (College of Applied Psychiatry, PLRA) based in England. Theta Healing practitioner, bioenergy therapist and master of personal growth and spirituality. I was still very young, I thought that there was still more in life, and that's why I began to be interested in personal growth and spirituality. At the age of 20, I went on my spiritual journey and soon after that I met yoga, followed by reiki. In 2009, he attended Bioenergy seminar according to the method of Zdenko Domančič. I loved it very much, but I still felt that this was not enough. So, in 2011, I met the Theta Healing method. I performed the Theta healing method for 2 years, with which I began to get to know earlier life and captured souls. I also realized that there are certain parallel links from previous lives, which also affect the present life. These connections were very interesting to me and I started looking for a school that could teach me more about this. I began to study at the PLRA School and in 2015 I also successfully completed my education with a degree from hypnosis. In 2016, I successfully completed the education with a degree from regression in previous life and regression of present life. I have about one good year of experience in Regression. My way of working is focused on raising people's awareness of our soul and its uniqueness and its entirety, of the unconditional love and power of the heart. Combining the soul, mind, and body can overcome all obstacles and problems. The causes can be detected and resolved through regression in previous lives and the regression of present life. Even for those who think there is no solution, there is always a way. I am happy to help people realize that they can choose their own path to themselves. 

I approach the sessions comprehensively because I want to help people develop and integrate the potentials of the soul, mind and body and improve health and well-being. With my experience, I am trying to equip my clients with the best tools for success and help them achieve their goals in a very grounded way for freedom here and now. 


I regressed my open mind, I did not even know what kind of experience I was waiting for. Regression led me to curiosity about my own identity and about the path of my self in order to create the current state of affairs in my life. I always carried within myself a sense of some things, even though I did not get this validity for a long time from the outside world. I've always been protective at all times. I brought these two qualities to the world, and I was convinced that I developed them in previous lives. Damjan, a friend of mine from Gorenjska suggested me. Since I am a single student (namely a postgraduate study of economics) and my financial resources are limited, this was an excellent opportunity to learn more about myself, and Damjan needed candidates to consolidate his knowledge of regression and make reports on case studies for graduation work.
At the first meeting, we had a conversation about the current circumstances in my life, about my problems and the causes for them. Then followed the part for regression, release and transition to some kind of trans. I entered several events from my previous life, which I then succeeded in connecting with each other. I have lived in the past life: The timeframe was about 200 years ago, I lived somewhere in the west. I was the director of a construction company, quite strict on my employees. I had more children, my wife died of illness. I also remembered the derailment of the train locomotive on which I was. The death of one of his workers and the retribution of those responsible for his fate. From these life-styles that were most impressed in my soul, I found the background to my character and the experience of current life situations. Somehow she created the present state of my life. In the sessions, we recalled the souls from previous lives, that we set off to each other and restored soul energy. There was always no trouble, because I needed the help of other energies for laying off.
In the next two sessions, we focused on our present life. To solve the problems that I had in contact with people. Your discomfort with eye contact and other people's stressing. Much came from the family environment. I decided to my father that he was very authoritarian and insulting, and to his mother that he was dying with his forced relationship and that he interfered with every step of my life. I also mentioned the social environment in which I grew up, because I did not have a company and had been subjected to permanent harassment of their peers. We linked the background to my problems with the feelings, events and traumas of this life. We tried to clarify things on an energy basis, we managed to solve a lot of my problems. We kept track of my progress through a meeting that was perceptive.
I recommend this kind of regression to everyone. Through it, they will gain, not only insight into the past life, but also solve problems in the present in a therapeutic manner. Damjan, with his seriousness and enthusiasm, proved himself to be an excellent therapist. Positive effects of regression are invaluable in my opinion. 
- Daniel Ljubljana 

A few words about the state after the last regression. For the first few weeks, I was more and more aware of the situation, and I was in one state of affairs when things were being integrated. It seemed like I was still balancing. I also had a lot of fluctuations. Now, in the last few days, I got a little more stabilized, and I realized that I was getting a little quick to get out of some negative thoughts or feelings ... I simply made a step further and a deep breath, and everything is much better and the feelings are lightness, joy ... I have some more courage and your faith and your awareness have expanded considerably. The things that we resolved or I give them each other more insight into my relationship with me, so that I can see what my value is .. I appreciate it more and I simply do not allow myself to go into a similar vicious circle of suffering, attachment, sadness, insufficiency and anger. .No, it is a little harder with anger ... yet it does not give peace, 
- Nena Ljubljana

I decided to regress because I saw a snapshot on youtube and I found it extremely interesting. The thing that attracted me most is that the regression therapist only guides and offers support to the client at whatever the client needs. The client is the one who solves his problems and not the therapist, so it is also commonplace in life. We need to solve our problems ourselves, because none can solve them for us, because every problem or challenge of something is being taught by us. It is true, however, that sometimes we need little help and support so we can move forward. I also liked hypnosis because I could relax, my conscious mind could have withdrawn and allowed the unconscious to come to the plan, so I was more focused on my problem and I was more easily confronted with it. During the session, I gained an understanding of why in my life I had a failure in part-time relationships, this was crucial for me (when I knew why this was happening to me), and then the transformation of this trauma and the negative emotions I had to the opposite sex followed. Immediately after the session, I felt a lot of changes in myself, feeling unbalanced and slightly tired. However, after 24 hours of energy, they were balanced. The next morning when I looked into the mirror, I did not even recognize myself. After the session, when I first went in between the opposite sex, everything was different (I felt different and the women knew me differently) I could not believe how this could be possible. I was very happy and grateful. I would recommend such a session to anyone who really wants to solve their problems. Therefore, because first you get a glimpse of why this is happening in your life and what you have to learn from it. In doing so, you gain an understanding of your situation. And the other towards the end of the session everything is resolved (transformed) to release this charge, which we keep in ourselves and when this happens our problem is no longer. 
- Damjan Ljubljana 

I recommend the hypnosis of life between life to everyone who is interested in the depth of their present life. Fears, character, difficult relationships, special attraction, ... I found a lot of answers to the things that were repeated in my life through one and the same patterns. I also accepted and cleared them during a session with a hypnotherapist. If I did not have unnecessary doubts, I would have decided for hypnosis much earlier, with which I would have gained inner peace, but obviously some lessons should be conquered. Through hypnosis, I also received confirmation that the death of the physical body is definitely not the end of a dying life. 
- Lea Radovlica,