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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


California, Sacramento


Offers therapy in person and online


I believe that everyone can to tune into the wise guidance and loving support of Divine Source. Helping people communicate easily with this wonderful resource through a variety of techniques is what I love to do. As my clients learn to connect to their own Divine wisdom, they find they have more support than they dreamed possible. Perhaps you’d like to develop a deeper understanding of your path and the lessons you’re here to learn. Imagine feeling free to express your amazing soul self! Step-by-step, it’s possible to transform old patterns and create new expansive ones. What once were obstacles and challenges, can become opportunities for joyous growth!

I’ve spent my lifetime uncovering and clearing patterns from the past which were affecting my health and well-being. The more I release the traumas of my past, the more help I receive from wonderful benevolent Spiritual guides and helpers. Their insights have been inspirational and life-changing for me. Now they assist me in helping others on their path toward greater self-awareness and balance. Hypnosis, Spiritual Regression Therapy, and Between Lives Regression are a few of the tools used to help my clients.

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