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My own journey has led me to study and experience many healing modalities and approaches around the world. I fell in love with Regression Therapy because it truly transforms; opening up new futures and possibilities.

Do you want to experience more joy, more freedom, more love? Are there issues you want to resolve? Do you want to create work that makes your soul sing? I would be honored to assist you in unblocking and releasing everything that holds you back in experiencing and expressing who you really are.

I am a Regression Therapist, Psychologist (MSc), Certified (Career) Coach and facilitator or Family Constellations. I attended many other training programs and workshops (such as Hakomi Essentials, Attachment Mastery & Trauma training, Core qualities) and trained in Energy healing over the past 20 years (including Reiki, EFT). I am dedicated to personal & professional development. I deeply love Nature and love to create.

I offer individual sessions in Dutch and English and also workshops. Please see my website for more information and upcoming events.

You may have already done a few things in the area of ​​personal and professional development. You feel that more is possible. More space, more freedom; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Perhaps there are recurring patterns that stop you from realizing your potential. Or maybe you are curious about a larger perspective; why am I here and what do I really want to do here?

Regression work is a beautiful and powerful form of guidance for solving blockages and discovering hidden sources of power. Connecting with and working with your soul.

Regression therapy is rich, in-depth and effective at all levels. In addition, this work is also very effective; a single session can be enough to solve a long-term problem.

I am a qualified regression therapist, psychologist NIP, certified (career) coach and supervisor Family constellations. In the past 20 years I have developed in the field of Energy healing (including Reiki I and II, EFT, Energy reading). In addition, many other trainings and workshops for which I have traveled to Brazil, Colombia and the USA.

I would like to support you in (re) discovering your dreams and especially realizing them.

In addition to individual sessions, I also provide workshops. Look at my website for more information.


"A very special experience. Past trauma was released in the present under expert and empathic guidance. For me, one can replace years of psychotherapy."
- Lisan, France

"During the sessions with Annemiek, I learned to make contact with deeper levels within myself. It enabled me - with self-compassion - to resolve layers of unresolved emotions, especially pain and sorrow. Very powerful!"
- TB, Netherlands