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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Devon, Totnes


Offers therapy in person and online


Phone:+44 (0) 7979 750291


I am a Hypnosis, Regression Therapy and Interlife Regression Practitioner and Trainer. As well as working on a 1-2-1 basis (in person and online) I also run both training courses and workshops for hypnosis and regression, and various related themes. My private practice and event space is in a simply beautiful location in Buckinghamshire.

I also have a best-selling App "Hypnosis for Transformation!" and a book of simple healing techniques that is available at the Book Depository (and other outlets) called "Gifts for Your Soul" (see my photo!!)

As well as having long-term expertise in Hypnosis and Regression, I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher in a few different traditions (having taught Reiki for 14 years), a Fully Accredited Spiritual Healer (trained at the College of Psychic Studies way back when), a Sound Healer (regular events for Gongs and Crystals Bowls), and I work with a wide variety of energy management techniques for the Mind, Body & Soul. And I have a passion for crystals, and work with them, and sell them. In short, I’d call myself a Transformational Energy Worker.

I have been fortunate to have taught groups and individuals in South Africa, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Lithuania, Sardinia to name a few. For me this area of work is a passion as well as a profession, and it is pleasure and a privilege to help clients work through serious life issues, and to help them connect to their own spiritual essence in the process.

Life hasn’t always been this way and I used to have a very different life, as a Director of an international shipping company and I spent almost twenty years in that industry. I had a very life-consuming job which I enjoyed immensely for many years, however I did have a growing yearning that there must be more to life. When I left shipping, I sold my house, put my possessions in storage and then spent the next few years travelling the external world extensively, and investigating my inner world at the same time, picking up several rucksacks full of “life experience”.

Complementary or holistic therapies had been an occasional interest of mine for many years during my shipping career, however it was only during my travelling time when I made time for me that I was able to experience and investigate some of them in more depth, and truly experience the depth to which they can empower someone to transform their human experience.

Upon my return to the UK, a series of synchronistic events lead me to pursue a future in the holistic health arena which rapidly became that passion I mention rather than just an interest. Now I am in the very fortunate position of saying that I do what I love and I love what I do, and am also very privileged that I get to meet and work with many amazing people during the course of that.

And perhaps you will be one of the amazing people that I get to meet very soon?


Doug blew me away with some of the work that he did with me recently. I have done lots of work over the years with many therapists, but he guided me very safely into somewhere I had cleared not wanted to go before now, and made it easy for me to do the work. The profundity of the change afterwards was something I have never experienced before and it is a massive life changer for me. Doug's commitment to his craft is exemplary, his intuition second to none, and his skill set, creativity and sense of humour compliment and complete the package. He's the real deal. - J.C. London

Doug is simply INCREDIBLE! After 7 years of constant inspiration and source of strength his help has been valuable on so many levels. I have learned from Doug more than I could have imagined. I'm full of gratitude. Thank you - F.E. London

I love Doug's work and highly recommend him to everyone I know! I am very grateful for his wisdom, healing abilities and kindness, as he has helped me on my spiritual journey whenever I needed support. Thank you Doug, see you again soon! - S.H London

Doug is a truly exceptional therapist and teacher. His enthusiasm, wisdom, authenticity, warmth and encouragement allow you to reach higher than you ever thought possible. - J.T. Scotland

Doug is an excellent trainer and mentor. His passion and dedication for teaching and guiding others really shows in his course delivery, supporting material and post course support. - L.L. London

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