Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


BE - Tavannes
Other locations: Nyon

English, French

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +41 77 501 35 26


Hello to you from the Bernese Jura.

I am Imane, an experienced and qualified hypnosis and regression therapy practitioner. My main practice is in Tavannes, and I also offer sessions in Nyon, as well as on Zoom, in both English and French.

The way I work is focused on clearing issues that are affecting you in the here and now. We may in a session visit a number of past lives, or spend the entire session resolving issues from your childhood, or focus on your self-image, your self-worth, your health and your well-being, or go back to the womb or the time between lives to gain insight into who you are as a soul and why you are here. My approach is entirely client-centred and intuitive, I start with your intention for the session and let it flow from there, clearing and transforming issues as we go along and creating a more blissful, balanced and fully-aligned sense of being.


Hypnose regressive et thérapie des vies antérieures à Tavannes (BE) et à Nyon (VD).

Bonjour et bienvenue. Je m’appelle Imane, je suis thérapeute certifiée, praticienne en hypnose. Je vous propose des séances de regression en vies antérieures à Nyon et à Tavannes, ainsi que sur Zoom.

Ce sont des séances qui vous permettent de retourner loin dans le passé pour mieux avancer dans le présent. On retrouve des souvenirs de vies antérieures, de l'au-delà, de l'enfance aussi, et on les transforme. On débloque des anciens schémas qui jouent toujours. On résout des problématiques. On se libère d'émotions lourdes qui nous empêchent de bien vivre. On prend le temps de comprendre son chemin de vie et de s'aligner pleinement avec son âme. On fait un travail sur soi profond et durable.


I am very grateful that Imane came into my life when I had a lot of uncertainty and negativity in my life and at a time when I felt confused about how to move forward in my life. My sessions with Imane allowed me to breakdown what was happening to me and shift the way I approach challenges in my life. Through each session, Imane was able to gently guide me to places in my mind that allowed me to let go of negative, harmful patterns that were causing me mental and physical pain. By unraveling memories and emotions, I was able to create a deeper sense of who I am and experience true joy, confidence and passion. I feel anchored and supported each time I have a session with Imane and I value the warm kind-hearted way that Imane approaches each of her sessions. Everything in my life has changed for the better.
- J. M.

I had an amazing and deeply insightful LBL session with Imane.
Ever since I read my first Michael Newton book, I dreamed to have an LBL regression but was obliged to do Past Life Regression and childhood/womb regressions first, which were incredible and valuable in their own way.
When finally the opportunity came to do a Life between Lives regression with Imane, it was like a long held dream come true.
Imane was very kind to call me and inform me about the format of the session, composed of 2 meetings two days in a row. An initial shorter meeting was for me and Imane to meet each other in person and set the intention for the regression but also for her to check that no current or other
issues could prevent my experience of LBL.
I was very pleased to get to know Imane as a kind and wise person and was very happy and comfortable with her as my future therapist. Even during the initial information talk with her, Imane already gave me valuable insights into the life issues that I came to resolve. Thus, the LBL session that followed the next day was deeply profound and insightful. Imane navigated and facilitated the session beautifully leaving me with the sense of empowerment and enthusiasm for the future.
I am very much looking forward to relistening to my recording of the session that Imane kindly sent to me as a reminder of all the information and lessons learned from this profound type of hypnotherapy.
All in all, from the start I felt that Imane was the right person for me, whom I could entrust with my most sacred life questions and with whom I could successfully search for the answers to them.
- J.A.


Je souffrais de migraines depuis très longtemps et ces dernières années leur fréquences, 15 à 18
par mois, me rendaient la vie vraiment difficile.
J'ai fait trois séances d'hypnose avec Madame Kurdi et ces deux derniers mois je n'ai eu qu'une à
deux migraines ! Je revis.
Elle a réussi à m'aider à comprendre les souvenirs douloureux de mon enfance et a les remplacer
par des sensations agréables. C'est énorme !
Et puis, je ne fais plus de cauchemars et si je fais des rêves un peu mouvementés, mon rôle y est
positif. Avant je vivais des situations où je ne m'en sortais pas, je n'arrivais pas à faire mon travail,
ou je n'arrivais pas à composer le bon numéro de téléphone, pour demander de l'aide. Maintenant,
dans mes rêves, je réussis à téléphoner et j'arrive à exécuter les tâches qui sont les miennes au
Je ne regrette qu'une chose, c'est de n'avoir pas fait ces séances plus tôt.
- V.S.