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Past Life and Regression Therapist


Other location: UK - North London

Polish, English

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: 0048 515 750 161


One of my favourite quotes by Carl Jung: ‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.’

As a client I was in standard, talking therapy for years, making some progress but not really being able to fully clear my issues. I was reading a lot on psychology and was willing to try just about anything that would take ‘the Curse’ (as I felt it) away. Nothing seemed to work… Then I saw a film about regression therapy, it was like lightning struck me. I was totally sure that it was ‘The Thing’ for me, not only as a means of finding help for myself but also as a modality to effectively help others.

Participating in the Regression Therapy training seemed out of reach for me - but guess what? When you are on your path you get all the help you need from the universe.

I am grateful that I managed to embark on that magnificent adventure and here I am, more and more fascinated by the way human subconscious works and passionate about helping others turning it from a stubborn saboteur to a gracious ally.

I will be happy and honoured if you choose me to assist you in your journey towards reclaiming your true self.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and regression therapist.

I work both in the English and in the Polish language.

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