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Past Life and Regression Therapist


Lithuania, Vilnius
Other locations: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi & Greece, Athens

English, Lithuanian

Offers therapy only online


Phone: +370 625 40956


What attracted me to this field is the desire to know the human soul, to learn about its nature, to understand the meaning of our experiences.

Adding the perspective of the soul changes the way we view things and ultimately the way we feel in this world and handle the situations.

All the events seem to be so much more meaningful and purposeful if we get to know the reasons behind them and see where they are taking us.

As much as this journey is interesting and exciting it is often very challenging and the wounds and traumas we collect on the way often inhibit our ability to move forward and request some healing.

Releasing the blockages of heavy emotions and stuck energy opens up a path of more freedom, joy and fulfilment.

We are here to learn and grow and enjoy our expansion.


'There were chapters in my life story that I kept closed and protected from coming back to my memory. I thought that if I don’t think of them and don’t remember them they stop existing. It turned out they are the cause of my uncontrolled anger and aggressiveness which was destroying my life. Clearing these emotions wasn’t easy but I was very surprised that in a few days when I was thinking about what had happened I had no emotions left. It’s as if you have a file saved in some folder and you know it’s somewhere there but when you open it you find it empty.'
- Diana M.

'In general, I came to the session out of curiosity, I just wanted to have this experience, to know what it feels like to remember your past life. I could see everything with precise details: the embroidery of the curtains, the view to my yard from the windows, expressions on the faces. I could feel the fabric of my clothes on the skin, feel the emotions and know the thoughts I was contemplating. Surprisingly, the story of the teacher I reviewed gave me a lot of insights into my current life situation and highlighted confidence problems I was struggling with all my life.'
- Andrew K.

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