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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


Indiana, Westfield


Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: 616-558-3025


Everyone incarnating on Earth has a soul purpose. I am passionate about guiding and empowering individuals who are in search of their truth.

I started my journey as an Ear, Nose and throat surgeon. After being in the medical profession for almost 15 years, I realize that most of the physical ailments are a result of imbalance of our emotions. Western medicine is all about controlling or suppressing symptoms instead of healing. Thats when I started to see human body as a complex interplay of suppressed human emotions, imbalanced hormones and poor nutrition.

I started looking beyond the bones and flesh. With further research and reading, I came to the understanding that a holistic approach is needed to heal any physical or emotional issues. With my new epiphany and a desire to learn more about holistic healing I came across energy healing and Reiki. That was the start of my amazing journey in the world of spirituality and holistic healing. This journey has proved to be enriching, nourishing and fulfilling for my spiritual development. During this process of learning and self-realization, I was guided to explore past life regression and energy healing.

After spending last several years exploring and learning different healing modalities, I am now working as a certified Regression Therapist, Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritual Counselor. I work as a guide to the client so that they can reach their highest potential to fulfill their life’s purpose. It has been an awe-inspiring journey for me, and I am here as a way shower so that clients can achieve deeper healing, understanding their calling at soul level and connect with their higher selves to achieve their true potential and purpose.


Jyotsna is an amazing healer and Regression Therapist! I have had four sessions with her and experienced beautiful transformations each time.

Like many of us, I have multiple layers of trauma and stress that I have been working through for 30 years now. Being an extreme sensitive, I hold onto childhood trauma deep down. I was beyond grateful for Jyotsna’s extremely open, calm, kind and non-judgmental disposition. I can confidently tell her anything and that hasn’t always been easy for me growing up being told other people’s impressions and opinions were so important.

Another factor of the healing practice I found quite powerful was when I would open up to her, she allowed me to let it all flow to the point where I was able to clearly find the answers I had been desperately searching for all on my own. She asks essential questions and then allowed me to stream my deep thoughts and feelings seamlessly. With that said, I was able to reach a wonderful level of relaxation under her care.

I am very grateful to have found her, grateful I was brave enough to explore these profound methods of healing and would highly recommend it to everyone! - M.D

I had my regression therapy for a long standing relationship issue.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session but I was optimistic for the result.

Jyoti was wonderful in explaining what to expect from the session.

I was very relaxed before the session due to that. She gave me clear directions before and during the session.

Her process was very calming and pleasant. When I got up I didn’t realize 2 hours have gone by.

She also help me understand my visions.

I was very pleased with the session and the results. I have felt very relived and positive after the much needed closure.

I thank Jyoti for her compassionate, dedication and empathy. - K.P

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