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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


New Dehli


Offers therapy in person


Phone: +91 981 052 1622


I am based in New Delhi, India, and I am a Special Educator (multiple disabilities -Physical & Neurological), Past Life and Spiritual Regression Therapist, Rebirthing Breathworker, Life Between Life Regression Therapist (LBL), Sound Healing Therapist, Dream signs and symbolic interpretation therapist, and working with Systemic/Family Constellations. I work extensively also with children and young adults as a therapist, counsellor, and educationist.
I feel blessed and fortunate to have trained and learnt from some of the pioneers in the world in these fields - Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi, Andy Tomlinson (UK), Leonard Orr, Erik Berglund, Dr. Adrian Finkelstein, Satya Brat, Kaya & Christiane Muller and many other wonderful and gifted teachers.
I am passionate about combining the different therapies, modalities, the energy healing work and weaving them together to bring about transformation. I strongly believe that each of us has an infinite capacity to heal from even the most challenging of life's events. My practice is founded on the core belief that each individual is born with an innate sense of wisdom that can guide and heal them in their lives.
It is truly a joy and honour to be a part of my clients' journey of change, empowering realizations, and healing. I believe that both the client and the therapist walk the path together, each helping the other in divine ways. Working with individuals from all walks of life, through such a personal process, is deeply humbling, inspiring and divine.
I hold and conduct healing and therapy sessions as well as workshops.
• Trained PLR facilitator by Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi (Quantum Life University, India)
• Trained PLR facilitator by Andy Tomlinson (Past Life Regression Academy UK)
• Trained LBL facilitator by Dr. Newton (Quantum Life University, India)
• Trained in Rebirthing Breathwork by Leonard Orr (USA), Dr. Newton Dr. Lakshmi
• Trained in Sound Healing Therapy by Sir Satya Brat, International Academy of Sound Healing
• Trained in Dreams, Signs and Symbol interpretation by UCM (Universe/City Mikaël) Teaching and Research Center, Canada
• Life member of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR)


‘I had a session with Kairvi, and it was a fantastic experience. So many things that didn't make sense in my past, now it feels much lighter. I can tell for sure that my life changed after the life regression session. Thanks a lot Kairvi for being so professional and brilliantly holding our session that makes such a difference in my life.’
- Cleide Silva, London (UK)

‘Meeting Kairvi was like getting instantly connected with her. Her politeness, calmness, sincerity, and desire to help people actually by PLR is her distinct quality as a therapist. I did a PLR workshop by Dr. Newton in 2011 in Delhi and since then was looking for personal sessions. I met a few therapists but was not convinced. Finally, Raj Shekhar suggested Kairvi's name and requested that at least once I meet her and he was sure that I will be convinced after meeting her. I think it was so true, I went to meet her and was ready to take the PLR session with her. It actually helped me, and her support later was commendable. She is not at all materialistic and is a very soft, simple person with a very loving and caring heart. I will always remain thankful to her for her passion towards her work.’
- Beenu Bahadur, New Delhi (India)

‘I am glad I met Kairvi when I was at the lowest phase of my life, and my life took a u-turn and suddenly I felt everything was so interesting and ok. I can't say enough thanks. Kairvi was exceptional as a mentor, healer who guided me throughout my journey. Many thanks for transforming my life.’
- Varsha Saklani, Bangalore (India)

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