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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Herefordshire, Weobley


Offers therapy in person


Phone: 01544 318407


When I was a young boy, I had a deep fascination with who we are and why we are here. Being clairvoyant gave me an insight into death and an understanding of spirit at a young age. As I grew up, I quickly realized that few people shared my comfort with death and spirits, many of them feared it to the point of it being detrimental to their life. I spent some years trying to share my understandings of life and death, with the intention of healing people's fears, which often set me apart and labelled me as a bit 'out there'. So, as a young adult wanting to fit in, I suppressed my sensitivity to spirit and only shared my thoughts with those who would not mock me.

As the years passed, I studied the esoteric and spirit communication at every opportunity. Understanding how healing this could be, I decided to learn all I could about metaphysics and the human mind.

I joined spiritual development circles, and studied extensively in spirit communication, Hypnosis, inner child healing and life between lives. I trained professionally at the International Past Life Regression Academy. Its mission is to "teach ways of healing a client's soul. The techniques work on all energetic levels of the mind, body and soul and provide the integration and alignment of energies and full healing by going to the source issue".

In recent years, I have run my own groups for spiritual development and spirit communication, and I have taught spirit releasement. I have also run workshops for Inner journeying and Meditation, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression.

I have a passion to help people, and I love to share this knowledge; I have found it healing and empowering. In getting to know my clients, I feel honoured to be part of their journey of discovery and healing, it is very rewarding and I enjoy my work immensely.

I have a comfortable therapy room to work from near Hereford, where I provide a relaxed and professional service.

For more information just click on the link to my website. I look forward to hearing from you.


'What I experienced was incredible and put yet another dimension to my life by immersing me into a past existence, revealing to me the boundless possibilities of the subconscious mind!
The session unblocked some negative thought patterns that were affecting my day to day living and helped me understand more about forgiveness and gratitude. I was surprised at how focused and relevant the healing was and have come away more giving of love and less susceptible to fear.
A true contributor to my overall wellbeing today, brimming with energy! Thank you!'
Sean Zaniboni

'Without doubt the most magical and amazing experiences of my entire life to date.
I visited several past lives and the extraordinary Path of the steps we go through in between lives. I've had so many answers to so many things and problems that I've had and suffered with in this life now, things I'd buried and forgotten about from childhood. I currently do mediumship, and unexpectedly, met my guides, my soul group and a few loved ones. I'm actually blown away with what I've seen, heard and felt.
I am currently waiting for my recorded sessions, and I intend to listen to it all back and start sketching.
I recommend anyone who has an interest in this area of hypnosis, to absolutely go for it. The knowledge, help and understanding has been phenomenal. Literally. I can't wait to have another session!
Keep up the good work Leon, you've completely helped me change my life for the better.'
Samantha Kelly

'I have to say [it was] "Life-changing" - from the "Stop smoking" session to the explorations of past lives and between lives - my gob has been well and truly smacked. I recommend this technique wholeheartedly both for healing and personal development.'
Chris Shaw

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