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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

West Yorkshire, Huddersfield


Offers therapy in person


Married with 3 children and now one grandchild, I have a background in the Sciences and from a young age I have been very interested in making people well.

Certain family members and some friends (and indeed myself at times) have seemed to suffer from ailments and difficulties that medical intervention has not helped. This has led to extensive personal research into self-help and healing, through which I have come to understand that people have to make themselves well.

I am now convinced that therapeutic hypnosis, and in particular regression therapy, provide the best way to help people to heal from a whole host of disorders. This has encouraged me to train in these areas and I feel privileged to be working in this field now.

I am happily in private practice in the West Yorkshire region and enjoy a variety of interests such as dancing, keeping fit, singing in a choir and cycling in order to live life to the full. I don’t want to waste a moment!

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