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I am a hypnotherapist, regression therapist, life between lives therapist, kinesiologist, energy healer and I practice from a peaceful setting in Frome. My background is in intensive care nursing and clinical research. I have travelled and worked internationally in both these spheres and it has allowed me to gain extensive experience in medical healthcare, which now helps to inform my therapeutic practice. I eventually left to explore other gentler, more holistic approaches to healing, as I felt that, although helpful, the conventional approach to treating illness was missing something very important.

I have since understood and experienced health and well being as being 'spiritually induced' - what is happening within ourselves at a deeper and often unconscious level influences all the different aspects of our life, from our biochemistry to our biology, our emotions and thoughts, our attitudes and behaviours. Illness signifies an imbalance, where aspects of ourself are in conflict rather than in harmony, giving rise to symptoms and suffering. Blocks to health can manifest as unhelpful, repeating patterns which hold us back from our true nature, from being well and fulfilling our greater potential. In order for healing and balance to return, the root of the issue needs to be addressed and resolved so that vital life energy can flow with ease again.

I have found Regression Therapy to be a profound and effective tool for healing these blocks to health directly at their source of origin. Through working with the conscious and sub-conscious mind, a regression journey takes you back to the point where a pattern of illness or trauma affecting the body, mind or soul first originated, so that it can be re-experienced, released and transformed in a safe and structured way. Each session is unique and can allow you to see things from a higher and wider perspective. This can help to give you personal meaning and understanding of the events of your life and provide the insight to help you move forward at the present time. Transforming issues at their source through Regression Therapy can have life-changing effects within only a few sessions. Sometimes, only one session may be needed. Clients often find a positive shift has taken place after a session which gives them greater clarity on their life as a whole, greater self-empowerment and more direction and purpose. Within a short time, previous symptoms may have significantly reduced or simply vanished.

Regression Therapy sessions are usually 2 hours and aim to address and bring healing to unresolved past life events or present life and childhood experiences. It can include working with body therapy, healing, hypnotherapy, inner child healing, inner guidance, release of intrusive energy and spirit release, subconscious womb and birth experiences or inter-life aspects of the soul's journey, such as soul contracts, soul agreements and soul mates. I also integrate energy clearing and healing into sessions where appropriate.

My aim for each regression session is provide a you with safe, compassionate and confidential space where we can gently explore and transform the issue at the root of your unwanted feelings, pain or illness, so that you can return renewed to a place of balance, peace and well being in yourself.


It is hard to find words to describe how powerful and beneficial I found my past life regression sessions with Liz. During the initial consultation Liz helped me to identify and clarify the issues that have been holding me back. During the regression I experienced past lives that directly related to these issues and seemed to be the root cause of them. The process of re-living significant events in these lives has brought about a profound and lasting positive change in just two sessions that 18 months of psychotherapy failed to do. Liz guided me through the experience with a reassuring gentleness that made me feel safe and held throughout the whole process.
TW, Yoga Teacher

Liz is a natural healer. I have worked with her over a period of several months, and at every meeting I was powerfully impressed by her capacity to tune in to my needs at a deep level, and by the depth and quality of her attention. I recommend her most highly.
TS, Psychotherapist