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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Somerset, Frome


Offers therapy in person and online


Welcome, I’m glad you found me!
I’m Liz and I’m a personal development coach and mind-body therapist. The essence of my work focuses on freeing human potential. I enable people to create powerful transformation in their life by helping them align with and express who they truly are. I facilitate deep personal change.
I have over 20 years experience in my practice and my ‘toolkit’ integrates hypnotherapy, regression therapy, between lives regression, perceptual bodywork, MRT (muscle response testing), advanced applied kinesiology and energy healing. I bring together a deep understanding of personal development with an intuitive focus on the heart of your ‘problem’ to help you realize your potential by creating change where it matters most: from the inside-out.
If you know, at some level, that you’re capable of more, you’re in the right place.


‘Liz is a natural healer. I have worked with her over a period of several months, and at every meeting I was powerfully impressed by her capacity to tune in to my needs at a deep level, and by the depth and quality of her attention. I recommend her most highly.’
TS, Psychotherapist

‘It is hard to find words to describe how powerful and beneficial I found my past life regression sessions with Liz. During the initial consultation Liz helped me to identify and clarify the issues that have been holding me back. During the regression I experienced past lives that directly related to these issues and seemed to be the root cause of them. The process of re-living significant events in these lives has brought about a profound and lasting positive change in just two sessions that 18 months of psychotherapy failed to do. Liz guided me through the experience with a reassuring gentleness that made me feel safe and held throughout the whole process.’
TW, Yoga Teacher

'Liz has a beautiful, peaceful and reassuring energy which is essential when going deeply into our wounds to find healing. She is wonderfully intuitive and talented in many different ways of healing that she is able to bring together to suit whatever ails, whether it seems predominantly physical, mental or emotionally based. I can recommend her without hesitation and am very grateful for all the healing we have done together.'

'I had thought about experiencing Between Lives regression for quite some time, but there is always a 'right' time, 'right' place, and 'right' person. I found all three with Liz. The two sessions I had have been incredibly positive and powerful. They were relaxed, clear, and I felt safe at all times. The outcome of the sessions has been both exciting and challenging, and definitely life enhancing and enriching. The knowledge I gained about this life has made sense of some events, so the consequences have been resolved. The whole experience is very profound, as are the inevitable ripple effects. I would have no hesitation recommending Liz and what she offers.'

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