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Past Life and Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Taunton, Somerset


Offers therapy in person and online


I have always been interested in Psychology. Whilst working in both Business Development and Politics I undertook further training in the field of regression to learn, not only about myself, but about psychology that incorporated the philosophies of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and others. This has given me a strong understanding of family dynamics and those within relationships. Working with both current and past life regression has enabled me to see just how these theories apply, even when moving from one life to another.

I have advised people over the years by feeling and even seeing energetically where their blocks lie and I believe I have a strong intuitive ability to tune into emotions and presenting issues. This led me to think that it was time to step-up from learning and perhaps use some of these skills to help other people and so I trained to be a Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist.

All the learning around psychology has been an eye-opener and it has not only given me a deeper understanding of the nature of relationships, but it has encouraged me to work without hanging-on to conventional ideas about the ways in which relationships, and our interactions with others, should work. It also means that I have a non-judgemental approach.


‘I so didn't expect such an outcome from the sessions with Louise. The day following my first therapy session, I found myself able to address a long-term work issue, and found I was supported by management and work colleagues, much to my surprise.

Following a further session, I have become more accepting of things that I have found problematic for years. I hadn't slept properly for over a decade, seeking medication in the past, I now sleep, and don't find myself worrying about not sleeping, I look and feel rested, and those around me have noticed.

I have put off moving house and 'taking risks', knowing I want and need to change areas of my life, and have felt 'stuck', and hey guess what, I am to sell my house and move in with my long-term partner next year, I am actually doing it, much to everyone's surprise. I am feeling excited for the future, no longer 'stuck', and have a feeling that 'I am good enough', something I have struggled with since childhood.

Thank you Louise, for supporting me on my past life journey, and helping me so on this journey.’

- Beth, Taunton

‘My partner and I were constantly arguing over nothing. Now we very rarely have any disagreements or slanging matches. We're getting on really well and talking through any issues that arise rather than shout and scream it!

I feel more open and relaxed towards him and others.'

- Sonia, Taunton

‘I am feeling a lot happier and confident in myself, I just feel lighter as if I've come out of a dark tunnel. I really feel that the regression has helped me.’

- Deborah, Taunton

'I have found the therapy very useful indeed. The grief has lifted a great deal and I’m am feeling happier and healthier.

Thank you again.’

- Claire, Taunton

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