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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


Tasmania, Huonville


Offers therapy in person


Phone: 0400543859 or 03 62643484


Nadja has a Bachelor Degree in Educational Psychology (1991) as well as a Masters in Counselling (2007). She started her professional journey as a Steiner Teacher, believing that working with children and their parents from a spiritual perspective is a powerful way to help create a healthy planet. She was heavily influenced (from 19 years onwards) by Jungian Astrology and still practises it. Her path led her to become an Aura-Soma Practitioner in 2006 and Nadja incorporate the wonderful Aura-Soma Oils into her current practice. Nadja graduated with the Academy for Hypnosis in Jan 2014 and in Regression Therapy in Nov 2014.

Nadja has a very simple philosophy regarding the work she does…each person walks their very own individual and personal journey. Sometimes we require that extra bit of support and help to understand and walk our journey. Nadja believes her role is to empower and guide the individual finding their own path and heal those old wounds which holding us back from living a fulfilling life. It begins with truly hearing the person…

Nadja is very confident and excited to share Regression Therapy with prospective clients, as she has not come across a more profound healing modality as this one. It goes to the root of the problem very quickly and undoes/heals trauma in such a loving and transformative way. Answers are created very effectively and are lasting.

Please feel free to visit her website: for further information. You might like to contact her directly under: 0400543859.


"I had an incredible session with Nadja. I was desperate to gain some insight into my relationship with my life partner and had tried all sorts of avenues to get to it, but the only way that was truly meaningful was with Nadja.
We went into her beautiful tranquil space, we talked and then Nadja took me on a journey of a past life with my now partner.
I had done past life work before, but never like this. She guided me very gently and seemed as she was on the journey with me, which was very comforting. During the session she also drew on divine assistance, which definitively struck a core with me. After the session we talked about it and I was able to integrate in totally. A week after the session Nadja called me and we talked about it again and I was able to clarify a couple of things that had come up during the week.
This session gave me really clear needed insight and I am forever grateful to you Nadja. I highly recommend her to anyone. Go on! I dare you! Become free!"
- Helen McDonald

"Please accept my deepest gratitude for the opportunity to experience PLR with you. I truly enjoyed it and it has made a big difference in my life.
I was expecting to enjoy healing around certain issues, which I did. The biggest and most unexpected bonus of all is that I finally feel as though I am an adult. - I've grown up at last! I no longer feel scared about other people's reactions and I feel more in control of my feelings. Saying no is just as easy as saying yes (yay!). Above all I understand myself and others better and I feel more compassion for the human condition. Like you, I am a hypnotherapist and have spent many years discovering and working the inner world. This work adds a new dimension, which I absolutely love and it is completely transformational.
I am forever grateful for your wisdom, your big compassionate heart and your expertise as a therapist. Thank you for helping me heal and understand."
- Peta Haines

"I recommend Pathways-To-Light to anyone who carries the burden of negative experiences from their past...and isn't...that everybody?
The regression work allowed me to review and properly address issues in my past that have negatively influenced my psyche and personality and relieve me of their burden.
Since the regression work I am happier, calmer and more emotive and I am planning regular maintenance visits to keep me emotionally fit."
- Darren Wishart-Brown

"I have no hesitation in recommending Pathways-To-Light to anyone. I had two sessions with Nadja and they were amazing. I now feel true inner peace on past issues and can draw on new ways to help me with my current life. I feel empowered, brave and have a strong voice to speak clearly now. Thank you Nadja, for my happier balanced life. Truly a wonderful experience."
- Naomi

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