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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Suffolk, Willisham


Offers therapy in person


Phone:07973 405624


Thirty two years ago Natasha studied for her first degree in Earth Sciences/Geology, beginning a love of crystals and fossils which has lasted until the present day. However, Natasha quickly started a family after leaving college and subsequently decided to study law, qualifying as a Solicitor in 1998, which was more conducive to family life. Natasha has practised as a property Solicitor in the South East of England for the past 19 years, which has enabled her to juggle both an interesting career and raising her three children. After the birth of her third child about 12 years ago, Natasha discovered Reiki and over the next couple of years alongside her law career, qualified as a Master in Usui, Karuna and Lighterian Reiki. Natasha subsequently qualified in and now studies Reiki Drum, Theta Healing, Crystal Healing, Hypnosis, Future Life Progression and Past Life Regression Therapy.

Three years ago Natasha resurrected her love of crystals and started to sell them at various events, giving workshops and speeches on crystal healing, manifesting with crystals and exploring how anyone can start to use crystals in their lives in order to help bring their energy back into balance. Natasha is fascinated by all forms of energy within different healing modalities and recently obtained a Masters in Parapsychology looking at the way the effects of energy and practises within the metaphysical arena can be researched and tested within the science paradigm, including both meditation and Reiki. Natasha is particularly interested in looking at how energy, energy healing modalities and all things spiritual, can be explained within the science world. Natasha has also “sat in circle” for six years, experiencing and experimenting with the energy of Spirit in order to gain more knowledge and assist her with this interest. Natasha continues to develop her knowledge of energy and energy healing and particularly how emotions can be held in the body, from this and past lives, eventually causing physical issues. Natasha enjoys assisting her clients to release these emotions, becoming more centred in the process, and to begin to find balance in their lives.

Natasha practises in Braintree, Essex but is also available on request in Golders Green, London and the North Buckinghamshire area in particular near Milton Keynes.

You can also contact her through Facebook - 'Dandelion Therapies'.


I have regularly received Reiki from Tash and it’s helped me greatly to feel more centered and relaxed. She has a very calming aura. – Claire

Natasha’s treatments are always relaxing, professionally given with a warmth of personality that very few practitioners are lucky enough to have. - Thelma

Firstly can I say what a wonderful experience we all had when you very kindly gave us a drumming experience at our Reiki share evening, we all found it a very moving experience, and for me personally a very spiritual experience in which the earth energies were raised up into my body and the full experience was very magical, so a very big thank you for your time and love. – Rosie

Following a Theta session – Thanks for yesterday it was amazing! I will take care of myself! Certainly feel different already. – Tracey

Following a Past Life Regression session - Firstly let me say how much I enjoyed the session, the thoughts and feelings that came from it surrounded me for quite a few days, but seemed to change slightly as the days went by. There are two main outcomes. I feel so much more positive than I have ever felt before and, I now like myself for what’s inside me and the person I am and who I’ve become.– Lynda

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