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Past Life and Regression Therapist

Northern Ireland

Co Down


Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +44 (0) 7545474878


Ruth Pringle Holistic - Regression Therapist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Seichim Master Teacher, master teacher of Psychic Reiki, Hypnotherapist, Diplomas in Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Anatomy and Physiology, BA Hons, member of the Spiritual Regression Therapists Association.

Energy is the very essence of life and when our own energies are balanced and in harmony, life flows beautifully and we feel good.

I am an energy worker; I work intuitively with you to help and empower you to reach an equilibrium, an understanding, and ultimately to heal and improve your life quality – whether that’s on an emotional, mental or physical level.

Regression Therapy is an incredibly powerful and transformational therapy that provides a safe environment for you to heal traumas, fears and phobias, and get the answers to the questions you always wanted to know - as well as providing an insightful vision of you, as the unique soul that you are.

The perfect therapy for the enquiring mind, for the individual who is always searching, and wondering if there is more to life, more to this existence…

The ability to understand your path, your purpose and the lessons you are here to learn are extremely dynamic learnings, which have the ability to literally change your life and your perspective in a dramatically positive way.

Working in communication with your higher self and spirit guides, an incredible amount of understanding, on a deep soul level, can be attained. Understanding soul contracts, connecting and identifying with soul groups and attaining information previously unavailable from the conscious mind gives a whole new meaning and fulfilling dimension to your life.

I incorporate, when appropriate, all of the elements of regression therapy, utilising a knowledge, understanding and experience of past and current life regression, inner child healing, re-birthing, parts and body therapy, psychodrama and the release of any intrusive energy.

As an energetic healer, I also include Reiki and crystal healing techniques within and when appropriate to all of my clients’ requirements.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey of self discovery; uncovering approaches of learning about yourself in a deeply profound way that regression therapy has the opportunity to present. You are empowered, you are wonderful and life will never be the same again. How wonderful!


I began on my spiritual path a while ago but somehow never felt worthy; my self-esteem and confidence were stuck and not in a good place. Following a regression session with you Ruth I have found a renewed confidence in myself and in life. I felt energised, really for the first time ever. Everyone around me saw and felt the changes. Someone was definitely looking after me when they introduced me to you; you are inspiring and have a lovely calming energy that is tangible, uplifting and utterly moving. AJ, County Antrim.

After my husband left, it was a deeply troubling time. I slept walked for a year and a half and frequently woke up, terrified, finding myself in a deep state of confused panic. A single session with you Ruth, finding the source of the upset in my life (which related to a past life experience), healing it and understanding the dynamics at play, meant that I could finally comprehend and forgive the people in my current life – and move on! The information which linked my past life to my current life allowed me to move on, and free myself. I now sleep soundly every night. And I now have a new, lovely partner, a new job and I am at peace. What can I say? Regression therapy should be mandatory for everyone! AH, County Down.

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