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One of my favourites quotes is: “Do not ever regret your past, but rather embrace it as a great master that it is for you” - Robin Sharma

I was blessed to work till now with few hundred clients in private sessions and much more during the workshops. It is great honour for me being able to witness the wonderful changes in my clients’ lives.

I grew up with the memory of some fragments from a previous life, fragments which, during my childhood and adolescence, nobody knew to explain to me or at least to accept them. As much as I tried to deny or ignore them they continued to appear for about 25 years until the moment when I could re-access them to understand their message, heal them and transform them.

I have always been attracted to spirituality, probably something in my soul wanted to reconnect with the real and authentic Source.

Part of my growth and evolution is to accompany others to grow and elevate the quality of their life. I currently do this through regression therapy. I work with my clients both on memories from past lives and on memories from the current life and the life between lives.

I give private sessions of regression therapy, as well as experiential workshops of group regression.

I was blessed to lead more than 800 private regressions and more than 100 group processes with more then 2500 attendees.

I am also a certified hypnotherapist, Theta Healing therapist and Spiritual Coach.

I feel with all my being that this is my path and I consider myself privileged and grateful to be able to witness the transformation of people’s lives.

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