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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist


VD - Bex

English, French, German, Swiss German

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +41 79 766 19 82


Sonia is a Past Life and Regression Therapist based in 1880 Bex, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. She is living in a small mountain village yet only 90 minutes drive from Geneva or Bern and offers her services in person and virtual. In person sessions are held in a yurt in her garden and virtual sessions are offered over zoom. Sonia offers her services in English, French, German and Swiss German.

Before working as a therapist, Sonia had offered her services and skills as a professional in marketing, product management, project and innovations manager and opened and run her own organic tea shop while living abroad in Ireland. She has started to reduce her impact in the corporate world in 2015, when she started to further train herself in integrative health & nutrition coaching, hypnotherapy and past life and regression therapy. Today she has completely left her other “careers” and her main focus is on her therapy practice and self-sustainable living practices.

Sonia’s love and ambition has always been for the connection of the beings on earth to spirit and the universe. She is passionate about being in service to humankind, reconnecting us with our souls’ plans, rediscovering our origins and in the process, creating a kinder reality for everyone. Sonia’s nonjudgmental, unbiased, non-religious and non-political approach will make you feel Welcome, no matter what your background, history or belief system are.


Sonia had not yet finished her training when I went for a regression session at her place and it was already very, very powerful and helpful. Her kindness, benevolence and her attentive listening created a moment out of time, far from all the stress that we can sometimes feel in our daily life. She really helped me a lot to realize myself in my deep essence, at a time when I was looking for answers.
- Elisa K., Switzerland.

Sonia is truly a listening, caring and very reassuring therapist. I had complete confidence in her during the regression sessions and I felt really well guided. She accompanied me step by step during the session with a lot of openness, I felt totally welcomed in what I am going through.
Stephanie M., France.

I have had the chance to have several sessions per video with Sonia and am delighted. The sessions over video were perfectly adapted and allowed a secure and deep work to be done. I was especially amazed by the insights gained and lessons learned during these sessions. Sonia has a very loving and supportive approach and her humour and presence makes one feel at ease and safe to journey into the depths of our soul. Thank you so much for your amazing healing work!
Felix B., Switzerland.

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