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I have administrative background from the University of Bergen, Information, Personnel, HSE etc., and for the last 16 years I have immersed myself in the possibilities of the mind through meditation.

I have realized that my role consists of being a kind of teacher, supervisor and therapist. My own experiences and insights on the way here make me certain that this is a role I have volunteered for this life. I just did not remember it until a few years ago when the time was right ...

It is my intention and my genuine desire to help people find their own answers - to find harmony, peace and balance. And I can guide you and support you on your way home to yourself. Help you to trust in life, dare to let go and flow. Because I've gone the way myself. And because I have many tools to help you along the way.

Respect, Joy and Curiosity are high in my list of values. This may be due to the fact that my offerings to you are likely to still expand and / or change. When you come to me, you can rest assured that I take care of your intentions in the best possible way, and that I will never go into change processes or anything else with you that you do not expressly wish.

Remember; no one has wishes or dreams without being equipped with the necessary resources to achieve them. Sometimes we may have some "startup difficulties" and need help sorting to find these resources.

If you feel you need it, you've said yes to being "Lord of your own house" - to take responsibility for creating your own life - by seeking someone who can listen and be a kind of starter. Then I'm here. If you can use me.

According to the Alternative Treatment Act, it is not permitted to promise recovery or recovery of any disease. But I provide guidance and support in a process that helps the individual to help himself.

"On the real journey of life is your own intuition your only teacher" (Osho)

In the fall of 2006, I started a one-year education at Past Life Regression Academy, in Oslo, with Andy Tomlinson as a teacher. I learned hypno and regression therapy and learned the great potential of using these tools.

May 2007 I took courses in Reiki I and II. In 2008, basic course and upper secondary course 2, in Theta Healing and incamedisin. In the spring of 2012 I went to a rehearsal course with Theta Healing I with Jonny Bårdvik. In July 2008, I took supplementary education through the Past Life Regression Academy for Regression to "Life between Life" (Spiritual Regression). The education is based on Michael Newton's teachings.

In 2010, I was at Pernille Ianev in Copenhagen and taught me new techniques to work with trauma and shock. Dr. Peter Levin's teachings. Somatic Experiencing / SE method. Here we work very sensitively with the body's nervous system.

2012 I attended Jonette Crowley in Bergen and learned Soul Body Fusion ®, reprimanded SBF ® in workshop at Tove Norvoll June 2012, also in Bergen.

Fall 2013 Advanced Energy by Andy Thomlinson (Past Life Regression Academy, Dorset, England)

2015 Past Life Regression Therapy Workshop, by Brian L. Weiss, Roma

2016 5.4 and 7.4 The Power Within, Manifesting Your Dreams, Penny Francis (Medium)

2016 22.4 and 23.4, Channelling with Janet Trelore

I am a member of:
Norwegian Federation for Regression Therapy
European Academy of Regression Therapy - Earth.
Registered and approved healer in Norsk Spiritualist Forening Healerforbund (NSFH) The
registry and approved healer in the Norwegian Healer-Associated
Spiritual Regression Therapy Association