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Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

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Viki Margerum BA (Hons), Dip Counselling, Ct Hyp, Dip RTh, GHR Reg, MBACP

Past Life Regression, Regression Therapist, Between Lives Therapist, Integrative Counsellor
- based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Welcome! I believe everyone can make profound change in their life. Whether you are
feeling stuck, unhappy, out of balance or looking for guidance about your soul's journey, I
would be honoured to support you.
Our work together is aimed at bringing you back to greater peace and balance, with an
emphasis on supporting you to embrace and integrate all aspects of yourself, with compassion
and understanding. We do this by healing any physical, emotional, or mental blocks and
distorted belief systems that can hamper a clear connection to your innate soul wisdom.
I offer Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Between Lives Spiritual Regression and
Transpersonal Counselling.
Regression Therapy enables you to go to the root cause or source of a current problem
which might be inaccessible to your conscious mind. We can revisit, review, and resolve
these events and memories in a safe therapeutic environment. It is possible to observe earlier
life events from a different perspective and to be guided to a clearer understanding. It is often
a very liberating experience as you can let go of or desensitize specific past experiences that
may be causing disharmony.
One particularly beautiful aspect of Regression Therapy is ‘Inner Child Healing’. Many of
our experiences, perceptions, thoughts, and feelings during childhood created beliefs about
the world and our place in it. These experiences were deeply internalized and - mostly
subconsciously – form the basis of our personality - who we think we are, what we do, how
we communicate and how we behave. Inner Child Healing is an opportunity to meet aspects
of yourself as a child when you had perhaps felt amongst other things, confused, hurt,
belittled, or misunderstood. In Inner Child Healing, we can meet these child parts – who may
feel disenfranchised or even rejected by the adult self - and lavish them with the
understanding, attention, love, care, and resources that were perhaps missing or withheld in
earlier life. It is a deeply healing experience which will improve self-compassion, self-
awareness, and self-esteem.
Other/Past Life Therapy involves entering an inwardly focused state of awareness and deep
relaxation to access the story of another, different life – popularly referred to as a 'past' life -
with a view to understanding, transforming, and healing it. You will access the experiences of
this other person - observing the story of their life, their defining relationships, and
experiences. It can feel like stepping into their shoes – you may have a strong sense of their
personality, their emotional state, their struggles, their physicality, and their choices.
You don’t have to believe in ‘past lives’ to benefit from the insights and transformations that
can occur when journeying in another’s shoes. Past Life Therapy can be a very powerful tool

for healing current issues or challenges in your life. The insights and transformations
gathered during this process can lead to profound change in your life and relationships.
There can be a remission or significant change in the issue you are bringing to therapy – and
these issues can be as diverse as inexplicable fears, phobias, relationship issues, ill health,
anxiety, or depression to name but a few. In fact, you may not even go to a life that most
people would term a 'life from the past' ; - i.e. during a historical setting pre-21st Century -
although most people do.
Between Lives Spiritual Regression is used to explore soul memories. In a deep trance
state, we can access details about events or relationships in your life and reconnect with your
guidance and soul “family”. By moving beyond the ego/personality state we can explore soul
lineage, life choices and re-occurring challenges and blocks in your life and relationships.
Trance is achieved by using visualization and hypnosis techniques to enter a deep meditative
state of being. Often, after the session, there is a clearer understanding and commitment to
our life purpose/choices and a greater compassion for our self and other people we encounter
during our life.
Soul memory regression has been developed by many pioneers from 1980 onward including
Dr Joel Whitton, Dr Helen Wambach, Dolores Cannon and more recently Dr Michael
Please note this is usually a one-off session. The session lasts about 4 hours. All clients must
undertake at least one ‘Past Life’ therapy session before going ahead with a Between Lives
Spiritual Regression.

About me: Following a decade working in Broadcasting and in the Creative Industries, I
completed a Diploma in Counselling (Integrative and Relational Approach) from the
University of the West of England, Certificates in Hypnosis & Between Lives Therapy, and a
Diploma in Regression Therapy from the Regression Academy in Dorset. I also bring to my
work over 20 years of experience and study in a diverse range of psychotherapeutic, intuitive,
and healing approaches and techniques. This training has provided me with a robust
foundation to which I regularly incorporate additional skills and knowledge from a wide
range of sources.

I discovered Regression Therapy and Between Lives Therapy when I was a student and was
blown away by the ease and speed with which one could access and transform issues at a
very deep level – often with the most amazing and inspiring outcomes. Using the hypnotic
trance state we can go into a meditative, inwardly focused state and re-engage with vast
levels of soul wisdom just waiting to be tapped. I believe that we all have the answers within
- sometimes we just need someone to help support and facilitate our re-connection to this
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