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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom

Gloucestershire, Stroud


Offers therapy in person


Phone: 07984 792936


Viki Margerum BA (Hons), Dip Counselling, Ct Hyp, Dip RTh, GHR Reg, MBACP

Past Life Regression, Regression Therapist, Between Lives Therapist, Integrative Counsellor - based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

Welcome! I believe everyone can make profound changes in their life. Whether you are feeling stuck, unhappy, out of balance or looking for guidance about your soul's journey, I would be honoured to support you.
Our work together is about bringing you back to greater peace and balance, with an emphasis on supporting you to embrace and integrate all aspects of yourself. We do this by healing any physical, emotional, or mental blocks and/or distorted belief systems that are hampering a clear connection to your inner wisdom. Each client is unique, therefore there is an opportunity to discuss which therapy or combination of therapies would best support you at this time. I feel that some of our greatest tools for self-transformation are hopefulness, curiosity, forgiveness and compassion and I endeavour to create a space where these qualities can flourish.

About me: Following a decade working in Broadcasting and in the Creative Industries, I completed a Diploma in Counselling (Integrative and Relational Approach) from the University of the West of England (2006), Certificates in Hypnosis (2013) & Between Lives Therapy (2015), and a Diploma in Regression Therapy (2013) from the Regression Academy in Dorset. I also bring to my work over 20 years of experience and study in a diverse range of psychotherapeutic, intuitive, and healing approaches and techniques. This training has provided me with a robust foundation to which I regularly incorporate additional skills and knowledge from a wide range of sources.

I discovered Regression Therapy and Between Lives Therapy when I was a student and was blown away by the ease and speed with which you can access and transform issues – often with deeply healing and inspiring outcomes. It can be used to get to the source of troubling or challenging issues very quickly and is therefore a great resource when other therapeutic interventions have not been as effective as you'd hoped. I support you in creating a meditative, inwardly focused trance state. This enables you to re-engage with vast levels of soul wisdom and explore previously unconscious experiences. I think we can all access this innate knowledge - sometimes we just need someone to sensitively support and facilitate our re-connection to this guidance.

I offer Regression Therapy, Inner Child Healing, Between Lives Spiritual Regression and Transpersonal Counselling. For more details about how I work and for testimonials, please visit

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