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Past Life and Regression Therapist



English, Mandarin & Cantonese

Offers therapy in person and online.


Phone: +85268892801 - Whatsapp only


Vina Zhang is a regression therapist and psychotherapist based in Hong Kong, formally an account manager in 4A advertising company. She was determined to take the path of serving others as a therapist after experiencing her own healing and transformation. In addition to her evidence-based psychotherapy training, she is passionate and curiously open to different kinds of healing theories and modalities, from modern psychology theories and neuroscience to traditional wisdoms including mindfulness meditation, mystic spiritual teachings, breathwork, Reiki, Shamanic healing etc. She believes that healing is an art and keeps refining and developing her healing and therapy techniques. Her passion and belief in the efficacy of regression therapy made it a core practice in her work. She have also translated Andy Tomlinson’s Healing The Eternal Soul into Chinese and been writing articles to promote the awareness of regression therapy among Chinese speaking population. In her therapy work, she uses regression therapy with supplementary counselling and psychotherapy.


張靜文(Vina),祖籍浙江,現定居香港,先後於香港修得雙碩士學位,曾於國際4A廣告公司TBWA工作,后投身於個人療愈的工作領域。著有翻譯書籍《治癒永恆的靈魂》(Healing The Eternal Soul)。她認為療愈是一門藝術,除了循證為本的心理治療取向,她還熱衷於學習其他不同的療愈知識,包括東西方哲學與智慧、冥想、靈性教導與修行、Breathwork呼吸療法、Reiki靈氣治療、以及薩滿治療等等,希冀尋求和提煉個人療愈的精髓和共通性原理,以及傳統心理治療和靈性療愈之間的橋樑。Vina的工作包括心理諮詢、心理治療、回溯治療以及冥想課程帶領。


情緒聚焦心理治療師 A 級
美國NGH 國家催眠師公會認證催眠師


“Vina's approach is very professional and I like how she began the session by explaining what I will be going through during the therapy. This was helpful especially for someone who is going through this therapy for the first time. In my past life regression session, I worked with Vina on my sexual abuse as a 5 year old, and she was able to guide me into going back and learning to release it from my body and out of my system. It cleared up old wounds I had with my parents not being there for me. She also helped releasing the other blocks I guess that were held in my body after doing a visual all body scan with help of Vina. The tightness I felt around my shoulders and on finger tips n in my pelvis and in my legs all was detected and released in the 3 sessions I had with Vina. I really appreciate the energy work she did in releasing all the tightness held within my body. Thanks so much Vina, for showing me how to protect my energy, as well as releasing all the unwanted energy in my body.
Song Yu | Masseuse | From India

"I had a past life regression with Vina in November 2020. For as long as I remember a certain belief has always been lurking in my mind accompanied with a vision regarding what events, situations in a past life could be holding me back in this life. However, I did not really want to face the demons either. I was referred to Vina by a friend, so my first interaction with her was the past life regression session. I normally avoid letting my guards down and be vulnerable or cry especially around people I do not know. Vina was great at creating the space for me to feel safe to be vulnerable and allow the emotions I had pushed down for a long time to surface whilst all the time being present to what is going on inside of me, asking appropriate questions so she can lead me to face my fears and let go of the past life events/beliefs that are holding me back.
If you want to let go of some deep conditioning that may be holding you back from being/doing/having whatever your heart desires, then I would definitely recommend a past life regression session with Vina. She is very intuitive and is present with her clients and I believe what she is doing is her calling which is why it comes to her so naturally and effortlessly. I do not want to face some of my biggest fears on my own; though I found Vina was able to safely guide me to revisit an event/emotion/situation from a past life that I have been avoiding for years. This is an opportunity that I am very grateful to have had. Even though there is more work to be done on this particular issue, the freedom I have already gained is tremendous thanks to Vina’s genuine desire to help."
Navid | Sales Analysis | From Australia

"I completed a past life regression as well as a current life regression with Vina and I can conclude that she is an EXTRAORDINARY HEALER. We mainly worked on my lack of self love and my deep sense of discontentment with myself. Immediately from the get go, Vina answered all my concerns regarding regression and most importantly she made me feel welcomed, assured and secured.
My soul recognized Vina’s soft, loving, bright and unique energy as she confidently guided me throughout my regression. She was like a light in a dark tunnel which guided me to safety and into a new space of infinite divine light. I thank Vina because she was able to hold space for my soul’s healing and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I have deeply benefited from this experience. She helped me realize that I am more than what I thought I was and reminded me that there are so many things to love about myself.
I thank you, thank you, thank you Vina from the bottom of my heart for all that you have helped me with, you are indeed an EXTRAORDINARY HEALER and my soul will always be grateful for your presence in my life."
Sophie | University Student | From Malaysia

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