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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist

United Kingdom



Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: +44 (0) 7540 548 828


I practice Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy and Between Lives Regression as well as being a trainer for the Past Life Regression Academy. I have a thriving private practice in Bath, UK and I also work with clients online.

My experience with Regression began in 2005 learning Shamanic Regression which ignited a sense of inner excitement for Regression Therapy. This led me to train the Past Life Regression Academy in 2008, eventually becoming a trainer teaching Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy.

Witnessing profound life changes through this work fills me with deep happiness and I feel so blessed to be able to touch so many lives.

The goal for each session is to unblock, release and transform any energy which is causing unwanted thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical pains or disease and return my clients to a full sense of well being and inner peace This is achieved through understanding and releasing the layers of protection and old traumas which unconsciously affects the way we act and feel. Using Past and Current Life Regression to go to the root cause of an issue and resolving it at its source by using Inner Child techniques, releasing physical body memories, accessing 'soul memories' and even working with the baby in utero. Often just a few sessions are needed to return the client to a full sense of well being. Some Clients report that after just one or two session their symptoms have dramatically eased or even disappeared.

The Between Lives Regression sessions help clients to explore the journey of their soul and understand their lives from a 'higher' perspective, the Soul's perspective. In these sessions you will explore your relationship with your Guide, meet with the 'Masters or Elders', meet your Soul Group and explore the planning and purpose of your current life. This will bring you new insights and understandings on your life challenges, relationship issues and the very reason you are here. These sessions are deeply profound and often answer many questions about the nature and purpose of life from a higher perspective. Clients often report understanding a deeper meaning to their lives and feel empowered to change what is not working for them. They understand the soul contracts between their parents, close friends and partners which enable them to move forward in life. A deep understanding emerges that there is a purpose, a meaning for all that you experience in your life. For many clients, this is a great relief bringing deep acceptance and forgiveness for past events where a new sense of empowerment emerges and a new vision to move positively forward in life.

I work intuitively with my Clients in a safe, supportive and structured manner and have established a practice near Wimbledon and in Balham, London and also work online via Zoom. I would be honoured to hear from you to book a session or with any questions you may have.


I have now had two past life regression sessions with Wissam. In terms of healing and clarification surrounding areas of confusion within my life, which in turn were causing me great sadness and sorrow, both sessions have been first rate. Wissam is incredibly warm, caring and positive. He is also an extremely skilled therapist. I felt completely at ease on our first meeting and all the way through the session. His guidance and insights, along with the therapy itself, left me feeling not only as though a great weight has been lifted but also that I now have a new set of tools to tackle situations that were previously difficult.The results of Wissam's sessions have genuinely transformed my life for the better. Many 'ah yes! Now I get it! Makes sense now!' moments occurred both throughout the sessions themselves and during the time after too. I would highly recommend Wissam to anyone who feels that they could be living a fuller, happier life. The results are almost immediate and incredibly empowering. We are very lucky to be living in a time where we have access to this kind of healing again. The changes and insights that I have experienced have been dramatic, profound and 100% positive. Jane, London

Strange as it may seem ( because of all tears!!) I really enjoyed my session with you and can feel a difference already with my right side which is such a welcome relief as I was beginning to feel that nothing would work. Leslie, London

Wissam is a wonderful, kind and caring hypnotherapist and uses a wide variety of techniques to help. In my case it was some Inner Child work and we found that during my childhood and throughout my life that I had always held back and didn't speak up about things as I didn't want to upset anyone. This had a detrimental effect on myself as I didn't feel I could speak my own truth. I wanted to share some beneficial knowledge to empower others by public speaking and sharing knowledge gained over the years which could also progress my career. As we worked together Wissam helped me to change the past which then changed my whole outlook on my future. During the session, after Wissam worked his 'magic', I could see myself in front of an audience and feeling really comfortable with it. This has now actually happened. My first talk was in front of an audience of twenty five to thirty people, my second talk, thirty five to fourty people and I've also recently given a workshop. I am now looking to talk in front of bigger audiences! My career has really taken off and I can't thank Wissam enough for the fabulous work he did. JP, London

Thank you so much for my session last week, and for this email with all the information you promised. I'm pleased to tell you I've had a very good week as a happy non-smoker. I've had the odd brief panicky moment, but so far I've been able to quickly dispel any idea of wanting a cigarette using the techniques you taught me.
Thank you so much again for all of your efforts, I'm feeling pretty good and honestly think a new, positive chapter in life is opening up for me.
Your work and your very gentle, happy and caring approach was just what I needed to open the door. Mickie, London

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