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Past Life and Regression Therapist


Colorado - Fort Collins

English, Hebrew

Offers therapy in person and online


Phone: 9702909553


My name is Yana Depsames and I am regression therapist
I have been blessed by the ability of learning and using this amazing therapeutic tool and share it with others .
I combine my sessions with other unique techniques I practiced over the years including reiki shamanism and angelic healing and try a create a really special experience for the soul body and mind.


"I recently did a past life regression session with Yana. It was a completely life altering experience. It was a visceral experience, as if it was happening now. Yana was such an incredible guide, allowing me to experience each moment fully, while continuing to guide me along the path to the most important moments, and even to the moment of my death in that life. She was able to give perspective as to how to approach the difficult moments. She also led me through important conversations with the people that impacted me in the experience I shared with her.
This is an experience I will never forget. I learned about who I was, how I lived, and lessons to bring into this life.
Yana was such an incredible guide through this experience, I will absolutely recommend her to friends and hopefully work with her again someday.
Thank you again Yana!"

‎"Thanks to‎‎Yana Depsames‎‎- a benevolent healer,‎
‎for the regression session regarding nutrition and spott training‎
‎That she gave me - to help create peace with the body!‎
‎Interestingly, as soon as we scheduled the session – I was given a more suitable thyroid medication, I started walking and swimming more regularly and also losing weight!‎
‎What a miracle this is!‎
‎I wonder what else it will create?‎
‎Thank you, beloved, for your professionalism, ‎
‎For deep listening and kindness from the heart!‎
‎I won you.‎
‎With love‎

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