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Past Life And Regression Therapy Videos

Regression Therapy Healing Video

The ways that Regression Therapy facilitates healing the same way as souls experience it in the spirit realms after a past life death.

Karma Is Not A Weapon Video

Karma is not a weapon. And it doesn't have to be a burden. It's actually a joyous opportunity to learn.

Spiritual Emergency Video

Did you know rapid spiritual emergence can become out of control? Listen to pioneers Janet Treloar and Catherine Lucus explain some of the factors that can cause it and how trained therapists can help.

Chronic Pain - Past Life Video

How unexplainable pain in the hands and arms was cleared with regression therapy from a past life of trying to save orphanage children in a fire.

Blocked Menstrual Cycle - Past Life Video

How a blocked menstrual cycle was cleared with regression therapy in the past life of a scullery maid who made a vow not to have children.

Spirit Release Video

Did you know consciousness survives death and can attach itself to people? Listen to Andy Tomlinson and psychiatrist Dr. Alan Sanderson, the first medical professional working in this area in the UK, talking about his experiences within the medical institution.

Information on other past life videos by the Past Life Regression Academy.