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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist




Offers therapy in person


Phone: +91 9674898068


Ms Mukul Rastogi has a diploma in Regression Therapy and certification in Between Lives Spiritual Regression from Past Life Regression Academy, UK. A management professional by training and experience, she has chosen to explore her passion for alternate healing methodologies by first doing a course with Dr Brian Weiss and thereafter adding further qualifications with the Academy under the guidance of Mr Andy Tomlinson.

Mukul combines logic and intuition with her innate compassion to help clients deal with life challenges, negative thought patterns, traumas, unexplained physical issues, phobias and much more, in a holistic manner. She provides a safe and nurturing environment and considers it an honour and privilege to be part of a client's journey of change and healing.


"I have been dealt a hard hand by life. I say that often enough. Through the years, many many things have made no sense to me. My strained relationships, my unnamed pains and aches, my repeated cycles of loss and betrayals, the constant ebb and flow of despair and ecstasy. I tried many things, from mental health, to homeopathy, ayurveda to allopathy, tarot readings, astrology, regression. And then I met Mukul, and it was as if I relaxed into healing. She gently and firmly took me to those very key moments in my lifetimes, from where emerged the nodes of painful emotional and body memories, held me there with great professionalism and enabled me to complete my incomplete actions in that moment. Her voice was calm and unfettered, regardless of my writhing, screaming body, as she gently and compassionately guided me through that nerve-wracking moment and brought me into release and healing. Guided me through forgiveness, and letting go. Enabling me to emerge cleansed and whole, released from the physical pain, and free of the karmic cycle. I am fortunate to have Mukul guide me through my journey into many life times to realize the full potential of this life time. Thank you Mukul."
- SB, Gurgaon

​"I still remember how embarrassed I was as a child about my chronic stomach problems; including acidity, frequent infections, and routinely ill-timed bowels. This festered for over 40 years. It disturbed me so much that my chronic anxiety became an additional health issue. Every doctor I visited, diagnosed my discomfort as IBS; which to me had become a synonym for ‘incurable'.
And then I met Mukul. Her conviction and energy encouraged me to try this therapy.
I must say that Mukul was not only professional; she was also very kind and involved. Her compassion and confidence worked in increasing my trust in her abilities.
I found the entire process a comfort for the soul. I felt extremely peaceful and in harmony afterwards. In practical terms, my stomach is far healthier and I am more confident now. Mukul followed up on the progress I was making during the healing. Something that is reassuring again.
I would recommend Mukul to anyone who is seeking a remedy for a long lasting, difficult-to-explain ailment."
- DS, Kolkata

"The (Between Lives Spiritual Regression) experience was enlightening, it made me even more aware of my journey and what still needed to be worked on. It has removed the fear of death. And it facilitated communication with the White Light.
I was a channel for a general message, that applied to a universal audience, and two messages for two specific people."
- VS, Kolkata

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