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Past Life and Regression Therapist
Between Lives Spiritual Regression Therapist



English, French, Russian

Offers therapy in person and online


Zhanna Aidarkhanova, or simply Janna, is a Clinical, Transpersonal and Regression Hypnotherapist certified by the Holistic Healing Center, Paul Aurand, New York ( and by the Past Life Regression Academy, Andy Tomlinson, UK ( She is also a Life between Lives facilitator certified by Michael Newton Institute ( and Director of Research for the Regression Association, promoting research in the area of Regression therapy.

She is a member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association (SRTA), a professional member of the EARTh Association for Regression Therapy (

Janna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Stern School of Business, New York University. A financial analyst in the past, Janna has had a transformative experience with hypnotherapy and ever since, her passion became to study and apply this powerful technique for the benefit of others.

Janna speaks fluent English, Russian and has conversational French. With the recent pandemic measures, hypnotherapy has successfully transferred online and Janna now effectively uses ZOOM to lead the regressions sessions, including deep state LBLs.


"We were so lucky to have found Janna for our LBL sessions in 2023, she really is a gift to the planet!
My daughter and I both had incredibly positive experiences. Janna works with patience, empathy and kindness, allowing the session to develop organically and letting the information flow the way it is supposed to. I am certainly now more strongly connected with my main guide and have taken another step forward in development and understanding; Janna definitely needed some patience dealing with my guide’s quirky way of presenting and expressing himself. The information I had been seeking was given clearly with Janna gently presenting my questions and helping me process the answers given.
An experience not to be forgotten with enormous value for anyone looking to understand why they are here and want assistance with their spiritual growth. Thank you so much!!!"
- Helen F. Provence (Jan 2024)

"I have had two sessions with Janna for hypnotherapy and Life Between Lives (LBL), which were amazing. I found answers to big profound questions which many of us ask. Also, if you fear dying, after an LBL you can rest assured you won’t anymore.
Janna is very professional. I felt very relaxed, safe and supported during the sessions and her lovely, gentle voice is very soothing and nurturing. I have found from time to time I have re-read the transcript and reflected on the messages. I know I will return whenever I need answers to something important and can highly recommend Janna."
- Beverley Holt, Australia (2020)

"Just wanted to thank you for being the Workers of Light on this Planet connected to the Divine. Janna was exactly the right therapist for me and we have achieved a wonderful LBL.
Here is my highlights/review of the experience:"
- Anna N. Cannes (Dec 2020)

"My first hypnosis session with Janna was three years ago. She took the time to get to know me and uncover my "pain". I didn't think I was capable of being hypnotised. During the process I felt safe the entire time. She also recorded the session to allow me to use it going forward. I saw the change in me the very first day. I actioned things I put off for ages and I got positive results. Weeks later we caught up again and this time she offered me a spiritual past life regression session to assist in realising some deep emotional issues and to motivate me to find my inner strength. Since then, I've been working on myself benefiting from many more sessions. I would recommend Janna to anyone who is struggling to create their inner emotional balance and a life worth living. I will be forever grateful."
- Elena S, Geneva (4 regression sessions over 2017-2020)

"An amazing journey into myself that has overpassed all expectations. I haven't even imagined that such states of consciousness exist. Many thanks!"
- Isaac T., Jerusalem (4 regression sessions over 2017-2020)

"I had the first regression session under Zhanna’s guidance and I am more than satisfied. I quickly fell into a deep state, because the therapist has an excellent voice control and immersed me in a deeply relaxed state. During the session not only did I see images, pictures and energies but also felt them. I felt how energy passes through my body and how the body temperature changes.
I am sure that during the session and afterwards, my life path has been changed. I have received the clues to my questions and now it is easier for me to understand what was happening and what is still happening. I understand better my behavior and my reactions and their real reasons. I will do the second session with Zhanna, which will be longer and deeper, and I am sure I will make more discoveries ahead.
I would like to note that Zhanna takes care of preventing any accidents during session. I felt very safe and confident under her guidance during the session and after. I have found answers to my questions, and they were very interesting and unexpected to me. This was a very deep and surprising experience. I am very thankful that I have found and contacted Zhanna. I highly recommend trying regression with her. Thank you, Zhanna, for our first session and I look forward to having the second one under your guidance."
- Anna K. Tallinn (Jan 2021)

"Beautiful first session with Janna. Although I never had an experience in regressing to a past life, I was able to explore one with Janna on the first session and then analyze it with my guiding team in the afterlife, bringing back the insights and resources to understand better my life tasks in this current incarnation… The session was held in English comfortably, although not the first language for either of us."
- Georgs. R. Riga (Jan 2022)

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